Your Kids first Windsurf

Your Kids first Windsurf

its never to early

Feather-light, easy to use and affordable windsurf gear for kids

We believe that wind and water are some of the purest sources of fun. We thrive to inspire the next generation to join us on the water. For that reason we set out to build the world's greatest windsurf gear for kids - and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it!

The best possible beginning

We want to help kids have awesome first experiences on the water, thereby planting the seeds of future water addiction, awesome friendships and a healthy hobby. The Whipper sails well even in the lightest breeze.

A new concept

In order to reach our goal we were compelled to think completely out of the box and innovate the design of every single component. With the continuous testing of the product by our pro-team of radical, small ocean-lovers, we are now convinced that your kid will be stoked as well.

Designed for kids down to last detail

Our prime focus is to make gear that is unbelievably light, durable, easy to use and attainable without emptying your pockets completely! To ensure top performance and quality of our product, our materials are carefully chosen and developed in collaboration with the best sailmakers in the world.
Designed for kids down to last detail
My son (3) loves the Whipper. He is freestyling with the sail in the garden, using it as swimming platform at the beach, SUP'ing and of course sailing around. It's great!
The lightweight rig and especially the mast ensures that I feel safe when my two kids are playing on the water. No chance that they will get hurt by the equipment. They learn so fast because of the design.
Whipperkids' equipment ensures that the kids first experience with sailing is a succes. The rig and board is a perfect mix between a toy and a seriously well-sailing micro windsurfer! Also - the gear is effortless to rig which helps maximize watertime.