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Whipperkids is a newly founded company dedicated to getting kids confident with watersports in a fun, easy and safe way.  The first product in the line is a complete windsurf-set for kids between 3 and 6 years old.


It’s time to focus on the next generation

Watersport does not only offer unforgettable experiences, it also strengthens child development of social abilities, motor skills and mental growth. It makes children comfortable with natural elements and offers a great alternative to sedentary indoor activities.


Until now it has been both expensive and difficult to get kids started with watersports. In WhipperKids we’ve changed that by designing the absolute best, lightest and most affordable windsurf set for kids. The design is original, the materials in top quality while the colors are appealing to the small watermen - and mermaids.  


The world’s lightest windsurf set

Whipper1 targets kids from 3-6 years old and the set contains everything you need to get your kid out on the blue waters.


The rig weighs less than one kg and sails well in even the lightest breeze. The 12 mm mast helps secure the low weight and makes the equipment easy and safe for the child to sail on. The unique sail design makes the sail feel stable and light in the hands of the sailor.


The board is It is inflatable and packs in the included sports bag together with the sail. The board is robust, stable and tracks well at all speeds. It works great for Stand Up Paddling as well or simply as a fun beach & water toy. Strategically placed rings makes it easy to attach safety a line to the board.


Designed in Cold Hawaii, Denmark

Whipperkids is founded at the west coast in the Danish surf paradise “Cold Hawaii”. This is where the first prototypes were made and more products are on their way. All products are developed with the incentive to ensure highest quality while keeping the price low. At the moment it is possible to buy the equipment through our web page www.whipperkids.com and we offer worldwide shipping.

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