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Christmas, Components and Construction

Christmas, Components and Construction

Christmas, Components and Construction

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa already started shoving the final Whipper samples down our chimney here at Maui!

Step one whenever a product part is delivered is quality checking it ourselves. The first couple of boards arrived with a refined insert part and improved mast-base positioning. We fixed some small details and then let one of our prime quality control team members Nurel take it for a spin :) Nurel is a rad 7 year old german windsurfer who simply loves being on the water. She was stoked about the WhipperBoard and genuinely hopes that WhipperKids will make a lot of kids join her at sea!

 Nurel sailing

Meanwhile in China..  

The picture beneath shows the first batch of boards being quality controlled for leaks. In the factory they inflate every single board to maximum pressure and leave them overnight. Only if the pressure is exactly the same in the morning, the board is packed and shipped westwards. It is more than great for us to be able to oversee the production process closely, even though we are literally oceans apart from our colleagues in China!


Boards quality check


As you read this these boards are travelling in containers towards Cold Hawaii Denmark and Maui! Excited? We are to say the least!


And here on Maui..

The mast also entered the final production phase. Watch a video on how to assemble it and how it works right here;  



YUP! Thats right - you just have to whipp'it and it’s ready to rock. Telescopic COOLNESS if we may say ourselves!


When it comes to mast-base (the thing that connects the board with the rig), our initial plan was to equip all boards with a standard euro-pin mast-base. It turned out that these were not only super expensive but also way too heavy and over-dimensioned for our Whippers. Because of this as well as and the extended production time, we decided to create our own whipperized mastbase! It is going to be 1/4 the weight, a lot lower in profile and the edges will be softer. We already did a bunch of prototypes on our Maui-based 3d printer and so far they perform better than we wished for. The design is simply plain awesome! Here’s is a sneakpeak:


Unijoint drawing


Sooo.. Orders are finally open for worldwide shipping. We already had our first american customers and we are ELECTRIFIED! The storage is limited, so be quick if you'd like to hit the water at springtime!

And now to the most important thing of them all…


☃🎅🎄🎁  Have a JOYFUL CHRISTMAS and some HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  ☃🎅🎄🎁



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