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Meet the WhipperSail - the best windsurf rig for kids ever made!

Meet the WhipperSail - the best windsurf rig for kids ever made!


So… What is the deal about this new kids sail? The WhipperSail is special because it’s based upon a totally new concept developed in cooperation with Jeffrey Henderson from Hot Sails Maui.  It was NEVER a joke when we say that we take kids windsurfing seriously, and that’s the reason an excessive amount of energy was put into getting the concept JUST right.

This sail is designed specifically for the weight of kids between 3 and 6 years old, for beginner-friendly, light-wind conditions and big, soft cruising-boards like the WhipperBoard. It is simply the first kids’ sail that is designed bottom up with true intention, eagerness and no compromises!



The technical stuff

For the sail we intentionally chose high quality Dacron as main cloth. This makes the sail soft and forgiving - and just as important outstandingly colourful. It furthermore ensures  superior durability. Our 3d-panel design enables the bottom and forward shape of the sail to be constant and “full” at all times. This does what??

The sail catches any breeze and accelerates the windsurfer in a soft and gentle manner. The sail flex is superb and equal to the flex you see in full battened performance sails resulting in increased airflow. Because of that, the sail will always feel light in the hands of the sailor.


young kid windsurf


The mast is a long and juicy story, but we’ll confine ourselves and keep it short. It measures around the same diameter of a finger and is made from carbon/glassfibre. The mast is telescopic and the coolest feature of them all - it WHIPS! That means that assembling requires nothing but a whip of the hand and WHOPAAH! Because this piece of the rig is so light, the kids do not have to worry about being hit by the gear at all. This makes learning a FUN, easier and safer game than ever before offered to kids in the sport of windsurfing!

mast whip

The boom was created to match the super skinny mast. We also took a look at all the existing booms in the market and noticed how humongous they all are taking the target audience into account. Not only are they noticeably over-dimensioned for the kids that use them, they are also big and therefore expensive to ship. So YES - we created a super simple and really light two-piece boom that assembles along the length and locks itself in place simply by using the outhaul, thereby making the heavy-clumsy-bulky boomheads known from today’s booms completely unnecessary and redundant! This furthermore enables the entire rig to be shipped in a 20cm x 100 cm box making it cheaper for us to manufacture, and by that more affordable for all of you!                              


                                      whipper sail


 Rigging the Whipper

Rigging the Whipper is done without feeding pulleys or clamps. Both outhaul and downhaul are fixed by pulling ropes with knots on and jamming them into slots. This can not be done wrong and therefore the Whipper will always hit the water perfectly trimmed and good-looking :)

Another cool detail feature is the uphaul-system. The uphaul itself is sewn into the mast-sleeve and has a bungee ensuring that it is never in the way when not in use.

If you want to take a closer look on how it’s done - check out our setup-guide here 💪🏽 

The rig fits all boards using a euro-pin connection. Make your kids stoked and Whipperize your exsisting windsurfboard or SUP by buying the rig here.



 🙋🏼🍉🔥 That's all for now sweet Whipper. MAHALfor reading 🙋🏼🍉🔥

WhipperKids mingling at the PWA

WhipperKids mingling at the PWA

Just like the former years, the World Tour of Windsurfing (PWA) had a stop in the windsurf capital of Denmark (and home town of WhipperKids) Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii, in september. Obviously the PWA is packed with professional windsurfers, devotees and expert old stagers. Moreover the event usually attracts every single windsurf enthusiast from the adjoining area – so naturally WhipperKids had be right on site!


Prior to the competition week we made sure that our danish-located prototype was all set and ready to pose & perform. We designed and ordered cool little contact cards that could quickly be cast in the hands of curious parents or interested windsurfers. Our plan was to plant the Whipper on site everyday while staying close by to watch the kids interact with the gear, and to answer potential curious questions.


Unfortunately for the competition organizers and professionals, the wind and weather gods did not provide conditions to run the heats as planned. With weeklong light winds and a sunny blue sky, it wasn’t possible to single out a winner of the danish tour stop. In return these weather conditions fell in favor of WhipperKids. With lots of children, families and windsurfers enjoying the weather at the venue site, the activity around Whipper was thorough – especially in the weekend! Handing out small Whipper giveaways and letting kids play with the prototype was priceless – boy did we see many happy faces! Lots of kids fell in love with the Whipper while we inescapably fell in love with them. Watching our upcomlings talk about, as well as play and pretend with the gear, planted several fresh ideas about design and development of assisting teaching material and accessories. Furthermore our numerous talks with parents, kids, other windsurfers as well as prominent people within the windsurf world also provided food for thought. 



As icing on the cake we were asked to do an interview on the PWA livestream during the thematic feature on the future of windsurfing. Getting to present the Whipper story and our product in this forum would be invaluable and pretty darn FUN, so of course the answer was an echoing YES! 



Showing up with salty hair in post-morning-surf-outfits pretty much set the tone for the interview. At least when thoughts like “Whaat, am I going on TV?” led to “Should I have changed my clothes?”, it was too late anyways.. Luckily this is probably what made the interview seem so natural and smooth, while of course having Ben Profitt himself to lead the conversation was a sweet finishing touch!    


Really.. Doing this interview seemed easier and more straightforward than anticipated, probably because you are talking about something you honestly believe in and are truly passionate about. This makes all sorts of regular TV-tricks like posing, pretending and faking completely foreign land! 

Anyways.. We really had a blast and are more than grateful for both the result and the opportunity itself. If you are bursting with curiosity, you can watch the full interview here.


Summing up.. This week was a excellent experience and help when it comes to getting more people familiar with WhipperKids. We increased our network and number of contacts – and hopefully in a positive way. It was a great week for letting the kids teach us more about the product as well as the way they learn and have fun. To be reminded that the kids know better, is the best way to stay humble. We keep our fingers crossed that the Whipper made it to the christmas wish list in a bunch of families!


The Whipper is first and foremost a toy meant to help the kids have successful first encounters with the water. That is the way we spark the fire in our future watermen- and women. 



Aloha a hui hou

New kid on the blog

New kid on the blog

Initially, we thought it would be a great idea to tell you a bit about how the first seeds of WhipperKids were planted.

Once upon a time.. (a couple of years ago) Mads flew to Hawaii for a proper windsurf-injection. On Maui he met Jeffrey Henderson, founder of the prominent windsurf company Hot Sails Maui. This cool guy is known for his ability to think disruptively different, cutting the first sod of wind-SUP as well as composing sails like the SuperFreak and KS3. Jeffrey’s distinct knowledge within sail-design together with Mads’ experience in industrial design was a match clear as a bell. For that reason they set out on a mission to solve the currently most neglected problem within the industry - windsurfing for kids. The goal was to rethink what windsurf equipment for the youngest ones could be. Every single component was designed bottom-up, with the prime intention of creating fun and delightful windsurfing for the smallest water-lovers. After dozens of test-sessions, inspiration-breaks on the water, die-hard thinking and cooling coconuts, the Whipper1 was born. With the lightweight, durable, kid-friendly & affordable windsurf-set, the two buddies felt positive they had designed the best ever windsurf gear for kids.




With salty hair, a satisfied makers-smile and newborn excitement, Mads flew back to the waters of Denmark with a Whipper-prototype. However due to obligations like finishing school, becoming really good at Stand-Up-Paddling and meeting non-surfable societal expectations, the idea was put on hold.  




A year went by while a growing number of kids in the neighbourhood started exploring wind and water on the Maui-born prototype. By repeated requests from parents and their kids, as well as the original drive to give back some of the greatness windsurfing had delivered free of charge, the company WhipperKids was finally established.  

This story is of course the super short but digestible version of the Whipper-outset. It depicts the beginning of what will hopefully be a long journey towards realization of the now phrased Whipper-mission. We hope that democratization of windsurfing can begin -  and it is still our firm conviction, that we build the best kids-windsurfing gear in history.