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This is why the windsurf-industry needs WhipperKids!

This is why the windsurf-industry needs WhipperKids!

If you are reading this we assume that you, like us, are obsessed with activities involving wind and water. Being on the water is an all-encompassing passion that renders some of the best experiences of your life possible. There is no doubt that windsurfing is a permanent virus that, once caught, never disappears – and for this we can only be highly thankful.

That windsurfing is excessively awesome, is probably not new to you – but maybe this graph from Google Trends is..


Source: https://www.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F01gg0y


This graph is showing a pretty sad and, the above description taken into account, incomprehensible trend within our hallowed sport. Since search queries on windsurfing was first recorded back in 2004 the interest, pictured in the number of search queries, has decreased every single year adding up to a total of 80% drop. This is sadly enough a spot-on analogy to what is going on within the sport, and undeniably nothing but devastating.


When looking at this descending curve, it seems like windsurfing will die with the rest of us. We know.. That’s super gloomy and morbid – but in fact it’s true!




We believe there are multiple reasons for this wistful development, yet the main reasons are to be uncovered within the windsurf industry itself. In the previous decade the industry has tossed out equipment that is either high wind, top notch & expensive or extremely low-quality. This now acts as a huge barrier for those who wish to start grappling with the natural forces on a board with wind in the sail. The existing gear simply isn’t welcoming – especially for the little bullets out there. Children’s equipment offered today is usually nothing but lowest cost zero design effort that is too heavy, hard to manoeuvre, & uninviting for our smallest beach bums Really, if we aspire to save the sport and conversion of the downhill curve is the goal – we can no longer ignore and neglect the entire future generation of windsurfers. It’s just not cool brah!


So.. It all comes down to the fact that we, in WhipperKids, think everyone deserves the chance to get their feet wet and enjoy the infinite energy source called wind. For that reason we set out on a mission to break the adverse trend – and is there any better way to start, than by building some easy to handle, super light, fair-priced and FUN windsurf gear for kids? We think not!


We could brag about our design for ages but summing up, the greatest thing about the Whipper is the low weight, simplicity and ease of use. It took ages to land the ideal design and together with unique production-methods and materials, we believe that the product itself is really close to perfect!



What it all boils down to… Along with our design, an unselfish business model and the idea of unique and innovative instructional material in our back pocket, we hope to destroy the obvious entry barriers once and for all. Planting the seeds of water addiction in our next generation is the chief goal when ensuring survival of our sport. With the development of WhipperKids, a new and marvelous windsurf-era can begin – it is the chance to revitalize the sport by making windsurf equipment accessible for every single young gun out there – pretty epic, right?!


BUT.. (yes, unfortunately there is a but, and it’s a pretty big one). We are nothing but a simple startup and there is no more gold in the treasure chest, than what we put there. If our gallant dream has to come true, YOUR help is of vital importance!


Our master plan is to solely make direct-sales. Even though it means harder work for us, we do it to keep the price low thereby hoping to see an infinite number of small WhipperRippers hit the water the coming years! Nevertheless we need to sell at least 50 Whipper1’s before December. The money from these 50 sets are indispensable for funding tooling-costs and deposits for mass-production. Present-day we have sold just about a handful. We are pretty stoked about that, but there is quite some way till we hit target.. If we do not succeed selling 50 Whipper1’s, unfortunately this mega dream will come to an end sooner than Philip Koster throws a double forward.


That means, if you are as much as considering buying a set of your own, or just want to see this project succeed, we beg you not to hesitate putting in your order. Remember, this is for all of us along with the mermaids and watermen yet to bloom.


To everyone out there, please spread the word, love and stoke – share the WhipperDream with all your friends, communities and most importantly – buy one for your kid, your nephew, cousin, your friends kid or your own future one. It will mean everything to us – and to the future of windsurfing.


Ending with a huge thanks to those who already supported our project by ordering the Whipper1 – we owe you an infinite number of waves! ♡



Massive Aloha and High-fives

The WhipperTeam


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