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Whipper1 - Rig

Whipper1 - Rig

Whipper1 - Rig


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This rig is made for kids between 2½ and 6 years. With it's total weight just below 1 kg this rig is the lightest one on the planet. Yet it tolerates abundant use and offers smooth sailing even in the lightest winds.

When making this sail WhipperKids joined forces with HotSailsMaui. Their quality materials and expert workmanship infuses the entire design.

The carbon-fibre telescopic mast is the first of its kind. It ensures quick assembly and precise rigging.

The boom is split vertically so that it clamps tight around the tiny mast. It is made of aluminum with different-colored boom halves for ease of instruction as well as learning.

The rig mounts perfectly onto SUPs, beginner boards and freeride boards.

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The Whipper1 rig is comprised of:

  • 1m2 Sail
  • Telescopic Carbon Mast
  • Boom
  • Mast foot (europin)
  • Uphaul



You can watch our "How to rig the Whipper" here;



Rigging whipper