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Check out our blog for cool posts about learning how to windsurf on the Whipper and tons of related pieces on water sports for kids.

How early can kids start windsurfing?

Kids down to 2 years old have successfully learned to sail on the Whipper1. In any rate it is never too early to start playing around in the ocean getting familiar with both board and sail in the elements!

How do I teach my kid windsurfing?

This is a vital topic and we constantly strive to keep the blog updated on our newest learnings and everything we know within the field. Furthermore - check the map of WhipperSchools around the world and see if there is a club near offering quality kids instruction!

Where do you ship to?

We ship world wide so don't hesitate to order wherever you are situated.

Where can I try the Whipper or see it live?

Come by our space in Cold Hawaii (DK) or the sailloft on Maui (see map).