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      We want to help the next generation get on the water

In WhipperKids, our grand mission is for children to get familiar and comfortable with wind and water in a young age, and thereby planting the seeds of future invaluable adventures in the aquatic world.

Why do we want that? For many reasons. First of all, watersports such as windsurfing will fill your life with stoke, wisdom and many other things. But more importantly, and to keep it short: The best way to protect our coastlines and oceans is to inspire more people to surf. 

We are rethinking and questioning every aspect of modern day windsurf-equipment, and we will not stop tweaking and hammering before our products are lighter, better and easier to use than anything else out there. 

The Whipper1 took a lot of dedicated work to finish, and this design now sets the bar for all our future products. New rig-sizes, board-types, instructional material & full-package instructional events and camps are in the pipeline. All of these products will help kids have joyful experiences on water and push for a democratization of windsports. 

Whipperkids today consist of the founder and designer Mads Ring. He has sailed and surfed for most of his life, and instructed hundreds of kids within windsurfing and optimist. He is also the inventor-kinda-guy who constantly has stuff in the making. Meet him in his lab in Cold Hawaii, Denmark, or on Maui during the colder months!

Mads Ring

Jeffrey Henderson, sailmaker through 3 decades and the brain behind the unique sail-concept of Whipperkids. He is known for making windsurfing colourful and more fun by introducing e.g. the SuperFreak, microFreak and KS3 within HotSailsMaui. His hearts beats for windsurfing and he has helped thousands of lucky people into a life on water.

jeffrey henderson 

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